Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Apologies

I don’t understand why these trolls block progress.
Only allowing those to pass who their riddles can decipher.
Souls no more worthy of glory or less deserving than I.
Willing participants in “Un” televised yet quite professional sports.
Playing dark games in which honorable gladiators are eliminated.
And justice stands on the sidelines, decrying their foul play…unfair!

How long can a kingdom survive standing on laws that protect no one?
All the while we’re told to live life in pursuit of liberty, justice, and truth.
When the truth is what they say it is…a kind but heartless enemy.
She walks the streets clad with armor, shield, and sword.
Her patrons look to her for their protection which she assures.
Yet the night is not so dark that justice cannot see her true lies.

I make my way across this contentious and wasted land.
I carry with me memories of good times of which a few can recall.
I will stop at nothing to discover and perpetuate the real truth.
Because the Father of all has given me His book of Eli to deliver.
The book in which even the Trolls of Progress must answer to.
And to all those frienemies who oppose me I offer…no apologies.

-Rynal Grant