Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dreaming In A Docile Society

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed that some associates and I were investigating a mountain Home. The house was built into the mountain. We discussed living there, you know, the pros and cons. Pros, we could bring livestock up there and raise them. Also, it’s securely set in the mountain and is a basically a mansion. On the downside, or cons, an earthquake that could bring the mountain structure down, not to mention a correctly placed missile.

While we examined the place I told one of the guys in my party that I recognize this place. I recognized it because he had sent me there to do a job once when we worked together (he was the QA guy and I was the installer). The area I installed seem so big and wide now, and I wondered what the owners had done with the place. They, clearly, had abandoned it. Even left behind some old cars, but one of them was new enough that I was reasonably sure that it worked. Perhaps in their retreat, they had no time to get to the vehicle.

While we examined the place, a space ship flew overhead. From the shape of it it didn’t look as if it could fly, yet it did and the size of it was…disconcerting. What came next was just as bad. A horde of portly, older women marched on our position. These women all looked the same leading me to the conclusion that they were clones. They had an aesthetically, non- threatening persona, that is until they were within 20 feet of you. Then their malicious intentions were clear. They pulled out these knives that looked like glass shards and began to attack us.

Even though I was a US Marine, I hate violence. My mom in teaching me how to deal with bullies unwittingly made me a pacifist. It wasn’t until later that I learned that sometimes you have to fight. This was one of those times. As the clone got close, she drew her glass knife, yelled some unintelligible battle cry and attacked. I don’t know what I was expecting because I didn’t immediately move to defend myself. Once I had been cut, however, I moved to defend myself. Years of martial arts training came back to me in a flash as I moved without thought. I disarmed one and took her down. Then another, and another. In an instant I had a glass knife and I was the aggressor. I remember grappling one clone and stabbing her repeatedly in her midsection, way more than necessary to take someone down. No blood. Weird.

The next thing I know we were back in the city. We were in some sort of hospital or medical facility. What I haven’t shared with you yet is that this dream was apocalyptic in nature. Our government made a deal with the devil. They got access to alien technology beyond mankind’s imagination and the aliens got us. I suspect that when our world leaders realized what they really got themselves into, it was too late. I remember thinking something along the lines of where was God in all of this? I wondered if Jesus had already returned for the ones who were worthy and I was deemed unfit to go and had to stay here on a planet whose social system had clearly imploded in upon itself and the replacement rulers were content to treat the rest of us like fodder, meat for the grinder, game legally expendable at their slightest whim.

We tried to quietly leave the hospital. We pressed the button for the elevator only to discover that it doesn’t work. In a new facility like this? Clearly someone wanted us to stay right where we were. I don’t know how we escaped the mountain retreat, nor do I remember how we escaped that medical facility. I do know I ended up in a friend’s house. His mom was just an innocent bystander in this. I did not tell her that I was being pursued. Suddenly her power did not work in her apartment. I knew they were coming, be it for me or for us. When they arrived, I was in the bed room trying to think of an escape route. I found one, the way I came in. I realized as they went through out the apartment and finally settled in the bedroom I was hiding in but pretending that I was where I was supposed to be, they drilled us with questions. While I got suspicious glances, I took the opportunity to move around them letting them believe I was cooperating with their “inspection” of the premises. I removed my belt wrapping it around my fist so as to use the buckle as a bludgeon. I leaned against the door jamb, my posture clearly saying, “Your move”.

Everything that happened after this was fuzzy. We were on the run. People helped us but they did not get involved. It was as if they had accepted this new society as normal. Like birds trapped in a cage too long, they accepted their fate without a fight, without a struggle. I wonder if something was being done to them, fed to them to make them so…docile. After all, this was America! Our nation was born out of the fires of revolution and rebellion! Somewhere, someone convinced the whole country, the whole world to just lay there and take it. But there was a few of us who could not accept that. Mind you…this was just a dream.

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